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Step into the limelight with Right Frequency, where we fine-tune your brand's voice until it's a symphony of success. Let's strike the right chords together and make your brand's sound heard far and wide.

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Sree  Kumaran  Thangamaligai
Review 1

Marketing  a  jewellery  business  on  social  media  is  crucial  in  today's  digital  age,  requiring creative  posts  and  engaging  content  that  resonates  with  your  audience.  Right  Frequency has  exceeded  our  expectations  as  our  social  media  marketing  agency.  Their  team  of dynamic  and  youthful  individuals  is  adept  at  understanding  social  media  trends  and audience  preferences,  consistently  delivering  fresh  and  innovative  content.  Their  efforts have  significantly  enhanced  our  audience  engagement.  We  eagerly  anticipate  continuing  this partnership!

The  Chennai  Silks
Review 2

At  The  Chennai  Silks,  blending  traditional  roots  with  contemporary  fashion  has  always  been central  to  our  ethos.  Finding  an  agency  that  could  uphold  this  concept  was  crucial.  Right Frequency  has  been  that  agency  for  us.  Their  strategies  are  not  only  trendy  but  also  respect the  traditional  essence  of  our  products.  They  strike  a  perfect  balance  between  meeting  the expectations  of  social  media  and  our  brand's  vision.Their  commitment  to  our  brand's  values has  made  all  the  difference,  and  we  highly  recommend  them  for  anyone  looking  to  make  a mark  in  the  digital  world.

Adyar  Ananda  Bhavan
Review 3

When  we  decided  to  back  the  Indian  Team  at  the  World  Cup  2023  with  indoor  branding,  we knew  it  had  to  be  exceptional.  Right  Frequency  understood  our  vision  from  the  start.  Their team's  creativity  and  dedication  were  evident  in  every  aspect  of  the  design  process.  They not  only  grasped  the  essence  of  our  brand  but  also  brought  fresh,  innovative  ideas  to  the table.  Their  approach  ensured  that  our  branding  was  not  only  memorable  but  also  deeply impactful.  Thanks  to  their  efforts,  our  outlet  became  a  hub  of  excitement  during  the  World Cup  season,  sparking  conversations  and  creating  lasting  impressions.  We  highly recommend  Right  Frequency  for  their  exceptional  work  and  look  forward  to  continuing  our successful  partnership  with  them.

Alagar  Jewellers
Review 4

Right  Frequency  has  made  a  significant  impact  on  our  social  media  presence  at  Alagar Jewellers.  They  are    strategic  with  an  expertise  in  digital  trends.  Their  ideas  have  helped  us significantly  boost  our  online  engagement  and  brand  visibility.  They  are  a  team  of  highly dedicated  and  creative  individuals.  They've  delivered  exceptional  results.  We  highly recommend  Right  Frequency  to  any  business  looking  to  enhance  their  social  media marketing  efforts.

G  Square
Review 5

Happy  to  have  found  a  young  and  energetic  team,  as  we  are  in  real  estate  the  campaigns and  artwork  requests  are  a  never  ending  affair,  yet  everytime  we  go  to  RF  for  a  job  it  will  be done.  No  matter  what  the  time.

Review 6

I have been Working with Right Frequency for more than 5 months now and it was a game-changer for my start-up business. Their strategic approach, creative ideas, and dedication to success have truly set them apart. The team is very flexible and professional which is crucial when we start any business. I needed strong team support and Right Frequency is always supportive and dedicated. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to take their marketing to the next level and succeed in their entrepreneurial journey.

Review 7

It took me some time to write out this testimonial because I did not want to just bang out some token platitudes. I wanted to see if I had the words to convince you to work with RF because they have the most important thing necessary for an ad agency: temperament. I have found working with RF to be engaging, fun, sometimes frustrating but always fulfilling at the end. Because they are always willing to put in that extra effort, that made me quit running an agency, to find that right frequency!